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Field Course Presentations: Costa Rica, January 2012

The following ecotourism business training videos are presented as a resource to supplement your research. Other Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service programs reference these training materials and programs.

Personal experience with travel and tourism is a great asset in developing your own operation. Videos of these experiential travel tourism courses provides a valuable insight to successful nature tourism operations; hearing from other business owners, managers and travelers is a highly valuable resource tool. Participants in past nature tourism programs and field courses visited a variety of operations and participated in presentations from guides, owners and managers in Costa Rica.

We want to thank and acknowledge the generosity and professional support provided by all the individuals and companies represented here, and a special thanks to those not featured but helped to provide participants with a tremendous experience.

Playlist Description

Arenal Observatory Lodge: Part 1

At the Arenal Observatory Lodge, Front desk manager provides detail history of the creation of the hotel and its main attraction, the Arenal volcano.  The hotel is conveniently located near the volcano, which allows visitors to enjoy the miraculous view.  The video is approximately 25 minute long and was recorded  January 12th, 2012.

Arenal Observatory Lodge: Part 2


At the Arenal Observatory Lodge, Front desk manager answers questions from Costa Rica trip participants about the hotel.  The video is approximately 20 minutes long and was recorded January 12th, 2012.

Visit the Arenal Observatory Website


Finca Luna Nueva Owner: Part 1

Stephen Farrell, one of the founders of the Finca Luna Nueva farm, explains the creation of the farm and how it has progressed since 1994, when it was first purchased.  Learn more about how the hotel promotes sustainable agriculture and conservation.  The video is approximately 27 minutes long and was recorded on January 12th, 2012.

Finca Luna Nueva Tour: Part 2

Tour the Finca Luna Nueva Hotel farm to learn more about the hotel maintains sustainable agriculture and conservation.  Professional naturalist guide provides interesting facts and information about the crops and how we can benefit from each of them.  The video is approximately 46 minutes long and was recorded January 12th 2012. 

Visit the Finca Luna Nueva website


La Foresta Nature Resort

Chris Barbels, one of the La Foresa Nature Resort owners, explains the history and other important aspects of running a resort in Costa Rica.  The resort provides a canopy tour and nature trails for visitors to admire and observe the surrounding wildlife.  The video is approximately 16 minutes long and was recorded January 12th, 2012.

Visit the La Foresta Nature Resort website


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