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huntingNature Tourism is a general term for many outdoor activities that can be a component of your business. Nature tourism activities are categorized into Adventure, Agritourism, Fishing and Hunting. Resource links are appropriate for individuals and organizations looking to start, expand or diversify an operation, or students interested in learning about enterprise planning. This includes ranch, farm, parks and nature centers, outfitters and tour operators that utilize public or private land and waters. Resources should also be useful to community officials looking to help facilitate economic development through nature tourism programs & enterprises.

Hunting Facts: There are 471 different hunting operations currently listed in our online inventory. This is believed to be only a fraction of the businesses in Texas.

hunting guide

Expand your passion for hunting into a business.

Hunting experiences can have a wide array such as:

  • Deer
  • Turkey
  • Alligator
  • Dove
  • Duck
  • Wild Hog
  • Small Game
  • Rifle or Bow


Market Data

  • The USFWS shows that there are 12.5 million hunters annually
  • Total national expenditures are $22.9 billion
  • Hunters participate on average 18 days per year
  • On average, a hunter will spend $30 per day spent hunting

Example Prices – Note prices will vary significantly based on location, quality, season and time.

  • AirBoat Full Day Hunting 1-4 people starts at $500.00
  • AirBoat Full Day Hunting 5 people $850.00
  • Waterfowl Day Hunting up to 4 people $400 w/ $500 deposit

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