Nature Tourism Publications

The following Nature Tourism publications are available from the Texas A&M Agrilife Extension Bookstore to download. These books will help provide you a better understanding on the benefits of a Nature Tourism related business.


E-247-2TNature Tourism: A Guidebook for Evaluating Enterprise Opportunities

This handbook helps landowners who are considering establishing a tourism/recreation enterprise. Topics include options for tourism and recreation businesses, product development, financial plans, marketing plans, legal and regulatory issues, safety procedures and sources of more information. (88 pp., 8 worksheets, 1 table).  (e-book)

By: Andrew Skadberg, Jeremy James, Miles Phillips, James Kimmel, Carson Watt


E-323-2TNature Tourism: Economics of Wildlife Recreation in Texas

Wildlife related tourism is important to the Texas economy. This publication outlines the industry’s economic impact and includes specific demographic information about who hunts, fishes, and watches wildlife, how far they travel, and how much they spend on these activities annually. (2 pp.) (e-book)

By: Miles Phillips


E-324-2TNature Tourism: Marketing Strategies

If our business involves, adventure, agritourism, fishing or hunting hunting, you must market effectively to customers, suppliers, market partners travel planners and other relevant audiences. This publications explains how to develop a marketing approach from planning to implementation to evaluation. Suggestions include current practices that take advantage of media technology. (4 pp.) (e-book)

By: Miles Phillips


E-467-2TWildlife Photography Market Study

Private landowners who are considering offering fee-based wildlife photography opportunities on their land as a way to diversify their income will be interested in the results of this 2007 pilot survey of members of the North American Nature Photography Association and other wildlife photographers. Landowners also participated in the survey. Results showed that photographers are generally very satisfied with their experiences on private lands but that this promising market is still in the early stages of development. Tables show how photographers responded to questions and what features they ranked as most important. (8 pages, 17 color photos)  (e-book)

By: Miles Phillips

B-6187-2TWildlife Photography for Fun and Profit: Constructing and Installing Wildlife Photography Blinds

The growing interest in wildlife photography has created opportunities for landowners. By installing well-placed, properly constructed blinds as an aid to photographers, landowners can establish new enterprises for wildlife conservation and income. This publication describes various types of blinds and discusses features of a well-built blind; where to place a blind; how to enhance the blind site with feeders, water and perches; and how to serve photographers who use your blinds. Instructions for building a small, portable, PVC-frame blind are included.  A printed version is available as item # B-6187.  (12 pages, 15 color photos) (e-book)

By: Miles Phillips


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