Agritourism Facts

  • There are approximately 437 agritourism businesses currently listed in our online inventory. This is believed to be only a fraction of the businesses in Texas.
  • Some of the activities offered by agritourism businesses include:
    • Farm tours for families and school children
    • Day camps
    • Hands-on chores
    • Self-harvesting of produce
    • Hay or sleigh rides and
    • Overnight stays in a bed and breakfast
    • Corn maizes
    • Christmas tree farms

Market Data

  • The 2007 USDA census data shows that the 23,350 survey respondent farms produced $566 million in total farm income.
    • This is approximately $24,239 per farm
  • Nationally, income per farm from agritourism has doubled since 2002
    • the largest farms involved in recreation—those with at least 1,000 acres—have the highest per farm median recreational income at $4,000
    • Medium size farms—those with 250-999 acres—report the smallest recreational income at $2,500 per farm.
  • Among all farms reporting recreational income, the household net worth of farm operators with recreational income is higher than average, with a median net worth of about $794,000 versus $457,000 without recreation.

Fact Sheets

  1. Agritourism Online Resources Fact Sheet (PDF)
  2. Agritourism Marketing Fact Sheet (PDF)
  3. Best Management Practices Fact Sheet (PDF)
  4. Agritourism Risk Management Liability (PDF)
  5. Agritourism Zoning & Health (PDF)
  6. Agritourism Associations (PDF)
  7. Agritourism Success Stories (PDF)

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