Wildlife Guide Registration

Follow these instructions to register for the online self paced portion of this program. Field workshops are offered as well, a separate registration will be available for field workshops when one is scheduled.

The majority of the program is completed through online reading materials and quizzes which are to be completed at your own pace. If you feel are able to identify the estimated 175 wildlife and plants involved, you can simply take the tests online through the same process, or you can use the materials to practice and learn additional information. You can complete the online materials before the workshop or afterwords. The sooner you complete the program the sooner you can be Certified!

Enrollment Instructions:

1) Register for the Wildlife Guide Training Program by completing the form below. A confirmation email will be sent to you with your course “enrollment key”

2) Set up your own free account in our online training system called Moodle. Click here to create an account. The link to set up a new account is in the left hand column.

3) After setting up your account you will need to look for the confirmation & activation email from Moodle. Open that email and click on the activation link.

4) When that is complete, go to the Wildlife Guide Training course at http://campus.extension.org and enter your enrollment key as provided in your course registration confirmation. Be sure to include your name, phone number and the email you used to set up your account.

5) Complete and pass all final tests then print your Certificate of Completion. When you have passed all tests a link will appear near the bottom of the course contents listing.
Contact moodlehelp@extension.org if you have any problems.


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